Cast iron cookware has a great tradition, and for good reason. Casting is a sustainable and circular production method, as the material can be recycled countless times. On the other hand, cast iron cookware is a long-lasting and healthy choice for the kitchen because it is a chemical-free and durable material. Our collaboration with Antal Foundry results in a collection that embodies all the advantages of cast iron, and, as we always do with itthon. speaks about its maker.


A century-old craft legacy passed down through generations

Antal Foundry is a century-old family business located in Subotica. The foundry opened its gates in 1930 and has been operated by the third generation since then. In the 1960s, Antal Mihály, the founder’s son, took over the business and introduced steel casting and the lost-wax method for casting sculptures. Currently, Mihály Antal, the grandson of the founder, is running the company. During its operation, the factory has experienced numerous technological and methodological changes. Now, besides traditional casting, they have an in-house CNC-based pattern making workshop and can offer complete machining of the part, delivering a ready-to-use product to the customer. They work with materials such as iron, brass, bronze, and copper, and combine almost a century of knowledge in their trade. Their experience ranges from industrial machine parts to artistic pieces like sculptures for public places, galleries, or private owners.


Combining artistic and functional approaches

The foundry’s main profile is iron metallurgy and their capacity is suitable to make products, in small to medium sized production runs. Their moulds are either handmade or come off the automated forming machines. On the other hand their artistic pieces are made with lost-wax technique which ensures flawless surface quality and rich details. This way they can make distinctive pieces like busts, sculptures, trophies and bells. We wanted the story of its maker to appear in the object. Because of this the duality of their practical and artistic approach characterizes the collection.


Kitchen utility for a lifetime

The cookware with basic shape and a wide selection of handles makes the set tailored to your own taste. We created a purely functional dish and lid with simple lines that we intended to be timeless not only due to the material but also in terms of its shape. This is complemented by sculptural knobs that evoke symbols of a family, like a ring that has been handed down for generations. As the craftsmanship at Antal Foundry is passed down from father to son, the collection can also become such a family heirloom and an everlasting piece in the kitchen.

Use in the oven, on the stove, on the grill, or over a campfire

So all cooking surfaces
(Great for induction cooktops too)

H6 D28 cm
Dutch Oven
6L / H13 D28 cm

& ready to use

& chemical free materials


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